External trainings

To learn about the steps one needs to take when making an assessment, the participants formed a human roadmap to assessment: One participant was asked to stand with a card with the words “Final assessment at one end of the room. The other participants move to the other end of the room and discuss all the steps leading to “Final assessment” writing them down on cards and placing them in chronological order leading up to “Final assessment”. 
Steps can include: Collect secondary data; Consider timeframe for datacolletion; Design questionnaire/interview guide; Choose site and informants; Pilot test; Consider methodologies etc.

The PS Centre is far from the only provider of training and courses in mental health and psychosocial support. All over the world, organizations, universities and other educational institutions are offering courses. Some are short online trainings, others are longer academic courses ending with examinations and ECTS points and yet others are somewhere in between.

The PS Centre has compiled a list of courses and trainings on offer and made it available to you here.

Please note that the list is not comprehensive, nor that the PS Centre necesarrily endorses the courses on the list. You are very welcome to write to psychosocial.centre@ifrc.org if you have suggestions for additions or corrections to the list.

Please find the list here