Louise Vinther-Larsen – Technical advisor


+45 3525 9353

Tasks and duties:

  • Technical advisor: Africa, Asia Pacific
  • Supports National Societies in their implementation of psychosocial programmes (organizational development)
  • Capacity building of National Societies in order for them to include psychosocial support in existing programmes
  • Coordination, planning and facilitating trainings
  • Development of training material, as well as guidelines on psychosocial support
  • Psychosocial Support in Emergencies (psychosocial component for Emergency Response Unit)
  • Guidance on assessments, monitoring and evaluations of psychosocial support programmes

Background and experience:

  • Psychologist with specific expertise within the field of qualitative research
  • Experience within the field of child protection, children’s resilience and psychosocial support in humanitarian and development settings
  • Worked as a Red Cross PSS delegate with integration of psychosocial support and Restoring Family Links
  • Strong competencies in monitoring, evaluation, assessment, capacity building and facilitation
  • Previous experience as a volunteer at a telephone hotline for suicidal persons.