Moving Together: Promoting psychosocial well-being through sport and physical activity

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  • wajdi says:

    It’s an exciting booklet interesting – and I find it difficult to translate into Arabic – and we need this knowledge in Syria
    Use Google Translate – and I’m not sure of the translated literally
    I wish I could be translated into Arabic
    So that we can read it correctly
    Sorry if my words were unintelligible

    • Louise Juul Hansen says:

      Dear Wajdi,
      Thank you for your comment. I agree with you that it would be very good to have the book in Arabic. Unfortunately it was not possible to translate it within the terms of the original grant. We are, however, looking into other funding possibilities to translate.
      Kind regards,
      Louise Juul Hansen, Communications Officer

  • Sher Ahmad Shad says:

    The book is much informative specially the adding of diagrams in activity cards which will be more helpful for practical implementation.