Psychosocial Support for pregnant women and for families with microcephaly and other neurological implications in the context of Zika virus

Interim guidance note for health-care providers, issued by the World Health Organization.

This document describes guidance for a supportive response by healthcare providers (e.g. physicians, nurses), focusing primarily on women affected by Zika virus infection during pregnancy and their families, for their mental health and psychosocial needs.

Healthcare workers need to collaborate with colleagues in other sectors (e.g. social work, education) for a
coordinated mental health and psychosocial response. This guidance for healthcare providers suggests strategies that can be helpful when consulting with the following groups of women and their families:

  • Pregnant women with suspected or confirmed Zika virus infection
  • Pregnant women who know they carry a child with suspected microcephaly
  • Caregivers and families of an infant with microcephaly