Psychosocial support in emergencies

This section contains a range of material related to psychosocial support in emergencies (PSSiE), including the ERU manual and information brochures that can be handed out. The information brochures are available in a number of languages and in ready-to-print PDF files, as well as in Word files. The Word files can be used for translation and are adaptable to specific contexts. It is not necessary to obtain permission to translate and adapt, but we do appreciate to be informed and to receive copies of the translated brochures, so they can be shared here on the website.

The words we use when we talk about psychosocial support matters. It makes a difference when a person is portrayed as a passive victim suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders, when really she is a survivor who is experiencing common emotional reactions to a highly stressful and dangerous situation. With this briefing note, the IFRC Reference Centre... Read more »