Training of trainers

Many of the trainings offered by the PS Centre come in two versions: A basic training and a training of trainers, which is an add-on to the basic training. The training of trainers module focuses on teaching the participants how to conduct the basic training themselves, creating a trickle-down effect for spreading the knowledge.

The method of teaching in a training of trainers workshop relies on active participation. Participants are expected to be active during the training, facilitating exercises and see each other as valuable resources of knowledge and experience.

Objective: This training prepares participants to facilitate “Caring for Volunteers” workshops built on the “Caring for Volunteers, a Psychosocial Support Toolkit”. Simultaneously it gives participants deeper insight into the content of the “Caring for Volunteers, a Psychosocial Support Toolkit” as the participants will have to facilitate parts from tool kit: understanding of psychosocial support; risks,... Read more »
The training of trainers in psychosocial support for youth in post-conflict situations provides participants with an understanding of basic concepts, terminology and skills required to train other people (usually volunteers who work in the field) in psychosocial support. The ToT also empowers participants to deal with sensitive issues and provide reassurance as well as emotional support.
Objective This training is built on the Community-based psychosocial training kit and gives participants insight into aspects of the psychosocial (PS) impact of disasters, while orienting them with psychosocial support (PSS) activities and facilitating PS workshops. Through a participatory approach, this training will familiarise participants with the Community-based psychosocial training kit and the following subjects:... Read more »