Caring for volunteers – training of trainers

This training prepares participants to facilitate “Caring for Volunteers” workshops built on the “Caring for Volunteers, a Psychosocial Support Toolkit”. Simultaneously it gives participants deeper insight into the content of the “Caring for Volunteers, a Psychosocial Support Toolkit” as the participants will have to facilitate parts from tool kit: understanding of psychosocial support; risks, resilience and protective factors for volunteers’ psychosocial well-being; self-care; peer support; Psychological First Aid; setting up psychosocial support systems for volunteers; monitoring and evaluating volunteers’ efforts. Additionally, the training includes a short module on didactic and pedagogical teaching methods (organising a training workshop; creating a safe and inclusive learning environment; what makes a good facilitator; different learning styles; facilitation techniques)

Target group:
Programme Managers and staff responsible for volunteers
3 days