Lay counselling in Humanitarian Organisations

Social and humanitarian organizations provide support to people affected by crisis events across the globe. They respond to human suffering in many different ways, assisting people affected by disasters or other critical events, people suffering from loss or serious illness, and people who are stigmatized or otherwise living in isolation. Lay counselling can and should never replace professional counselling, but given the fact that thousands of staff and volunteers in many organizations provide counselling – and sometimes in areas and situations where no professional counselling is available – it is important that lay counsellors are well prepared, well trained and effective. This training aims to give participants an understanding of what lay counselling is and the skills required. It sets out the role and responsibilities of lay counsellors and the organization within which they work. By the end of the training, participants will have developed a range of listening and responding skills and have insight into their own values and prejudices.

Target group:
Lay Counsellors

Length: 2 days