Psychosocial support in emergencies (ERU)


In times of emergency the psychosocial (PS) delegate is responsible for planning and supporting basic PS activities as part of the work of the ERU, together with the Operating National Society and/or local health authorities. Based on practical exercises and role playing mixed with presentations, this training prepares the PSS ERU delegate for work in the field by providing knowledge on how to identify, train and supervise volunteers.

Additionally, the training introduces the delegate to fieldwork by focusing on how to:

  • assess existing mental health and PS resources
  • interact with the Operating National Society
  • launch PS activities within or outside the ERU
  • liaise with local health authorities, WHO, UNICEF and others regarding PS interventions
  • monitor and report PS aspects of ERU work
  • sensitize ERU delegates to psychological and social dimensions of the disaster.
  • Further, by the end of this training, participants will be able to work according to the standard operational procedures and meet criteria as stated in the IASC Guidelines when setting up the PS component in the vicinity of the ERU.

    Target group

    Red Cross Psychosocial ERU Delegates


    Five days