What we do

The mission of the PS Centre is to promote and enable the psychosocial well-being of beneficiaries, humanitarian staff and volunteers through psychosocial support. The long-term vision is to be the global centre of excellence within community-based psychosocial support.

What is psychosocial support?

To understand what we do and how we do it, it is useful to understand the nature of psychosocial support. Psychosocial support is the process of facilitating resilience within individuals, families and communities, where resilience refers to an individual’s or community’s capacity to recover from, adapt to and remain strong in the face of adversities that have the potential to disrupt or destroy the successful functioning or development of the person or community.

In other words, psychosocial support enables people to bounce back from the impact of critical events, and helps them to deal with such events in the future. Psychosocial support thus promotes the restoration of social cohesion and infrastructure.

Our activities

The primary task of the PS Centre is to enable and support National Societies to help them implement psychosocial support. We do that through training, information and educational material, and direct support in times of emergencies.

We work to strengthen the capacity to design, implement and monitor psychosocial support programmes to document their effect. We also aim to develop the psychosocial support component of the IFRC Heath ERU.


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  • Jane Wanja Warutere says:

    Hi! My name is Jane Warutere from Kenya….I am a teacher by profession dealing with children 6 to 15 years of age…in my passion to offering psychosocial support to the many HIV and AIDS orphans and destitute children, I started all inclusive children clubs in several neighbouring schools as protective spaces where together with like-minded teachers we teach life skills and sex education to the club members within very interactive sessions…We do alot of sporting activities together with physical exercises which include games and dance…recently we launched a Books Club with an open-access Library Services where we read and exchange storybooks, revision books and children magazines for enjoyment and relaxation with an ultimate goal of improving our academic performance…..Gifted in authoring child-friendly literature, I started a series of story books “KIDS TELLING KIDS” with an intended aim that children who read those books would recieve the much needed psychosocial support….i have so far written 4 spiritually nourishing stories which unfortunately i have not been able to publish due to financial constrains….Major themes in these books include Coping with stress, Self Esteem and Self Worth, Maturation, to name but a few… by dropping this comment,it is hoped that your organization could assist in publishing the said books in bulk and give as donations to the many children in my country and beyond who desparately need psychosocial support….we could also be glad to receive from your organization any supportive teaching manuals and newsletters that would make our clubs more enjoyable…..Certainly I would be very grateful if you could reffer me to any other relevant organization if what I am asking for is not within what you are able to do… .well typeset manuscripts for the said books would be availed for your perusal if need be….Thanking you in advance as I look forward for your positive response, I remain yours faithfully, Jane Warutere…

    • Louise Juul Hansen says:

      Dear Jane,
      Thank you very much for your comment. Your work certainly sounds very interesting, and we would love to see your books. Unfortunately, however, we do not have the resources to assist in the publishing of the books, financially or otherwise.
      I have put you on the mailing list for our newsletter and Magazine Coping with Crisis, and of course you are welcome to download any of our materials from the website. You may find the Children’s Resilience Programme and the Life Skills handbook useful.
      You are welcome to contact us again directly at our email address: psychosocial.center@ifrc.org
      Kind regards,
      Louise Juul Hansen, Communications Officer


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