Psychosocial roster group of experts

Photo: PS Centre

The PS Centre enables National Societies to respond better to the psychosocial needs of vulnerable groups, which is achieved through capacity building, strategic consultations and operational support.

To support this work, a roster group was established in the late 1990s. The strength of the roster group is that it comprises a variety of different psychosocial support expertise both from the field and high-level organizational development. The composition of the roster group also aims to be geographically diverse with members from as many parts of the world as possible.

Over the years, roster members have undertaken many different types of interventions on behalf of the PS Centre, including psychosocial support trainings, capacity building, ‘caring-for-carer’ interventions, conducting psychosocial assessments and supporting psychosocial action in emergency settings.

All roster members are supported by their National Society in order to be able to assist the PS Centre on missions or as advisors on technical questions.

For more information about how to become a roster member or to request the services of a roster member, please contact the PS Centre.

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  • Lee Ju Hee says:

    How to be a member?
    Best regards

    • Louise Juul Hansen says:

      Dear Lilly,

      Thank you for your interest in joining the Roster. Roster members are employed or supported by a National Society and have a strong psychosocial and Red Cross Red Crescent background. Roster members should be able to undertake assignments lasting up to two weeks with approval from their employing National Society. The composition of the roster group aims to be geographically diverse, with members from as many National Societies as possible. We accept newly-trained roster members in geographical areas with little or no capacity in psychosocial support.

      If this description fits you, we will be happy to hear from you on the PS Centre’s email: Please note that employment or support by a National Society is mandatory for new roster members.

      Kind regards,

      Louise Juul Hansen, Communications officer