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Pledge to address the psychological effect of armed conflicts and violence

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Armed conflicts and violence give rise to great mental health and psychosocial challenges among millions of men, women, boys and girls around the world. While needs are currently increasing, mental health and psychosocial well-being is still not high enough on the list of priorities in the field of humanitarian intervention.

Therefore IFRC PS Centre is encouraging the RC National Societies to sign up to this Pledge “Addressing Psychological Effects of Armed Conflicts and Violence”:

As a National Society, signing this pledge means to:

  • Contribute to mobilize greater global attention to the psychological effects of armed conflicts and violence;
  • Engage in and support activities aiming at better understanding the psychological consequences and the needs of those affected (e.g. research)
  • Support and further develop activities and methods to address the psychological effects

The pledge was developed for the 32nd International Conference and is open for signatures.

National Societies can sign up to the pledge at this online platform: If you would like help in doing so, please write to

For more information related to the pledge, you are welcome to write or call Martin Rosenkilde Pedersen, IFRC PS Centre, at or telephone +45 31 32 11 87

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