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Updated eCBHFA features community-based psychosocial support and PFA training

eCBHFA is a community based programme where community members gather to discuss topics that affect their health and safety and address how to they can improve their communities. eCBHFA is IFRC’s revised version of the CBHFA approach which is now operational in 109 countries.

eCBHFA comprises a comprehensive approach to primary health care, first aid and emergency health preparedness at the community level. The eCBHFA approach mobilizes communities and their volunteers to use simple tools adapted to local context to address the priority health needs of a community and to empower them to be in charge of their own development.

Mental health and psychosocial support is represented in both the core volunteer modules with a short training on psychological first aid and in the primary prevention module with a two-day training on basic community-based psychosocial support.

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