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Frequently asked questions

Do I need special skills to participate in a training?2018-11-30T13:16:40+00:00

It depends on the training. For some trainings there are no requirements for particular educational or work related background or previous training. For other trainings, it is a requirement to have a certain educational background, certain experience or to have completed other trainings.

It is always a requirement that the participants are able to understand and express themselves fluently in the language of the training, and that they are prepared to participate actively in the training (e.g. express their opinions in discussions, share experiences with the group, participate in group work, role plays etc.). For training of trainers, the participants are also expected to facilitate a session during the workshop.

Requirements for each training can be found in the description of the training.

What trainings events can I participate in?2018-11-15T14:41:31+00:00

As soon as we plan our future trainings they will be posted on our website here: Upcoming trainings

Who can participate in the centre’s trainings?2018-11-15T14:45:38+00:00

The PS Centre supports all National Societies and our trainings are primarily for Red Cross Red Crescent staff and volunteers. We occasionally select people from outside the movement so everyone is welcome to apply