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Children´s Resilience Programme: Psychosocial support in and out of schools - Information Sheets on Disaster

The children’s resilience programme recognizes that children’s wellbeing is influenced by their interaction with their parents and caregivers, their peers and with others in their community environment. The programme therefore covers all these areas of children’s lives to help improve their wellbeing and their resilience. This is done through children’s workshops that focus on supporting the children’s inner strengths and their social interactions with others. It also involves meetings with parents and caregivers, promoting their understanding of the challenges their children are facing, and providing them with skills to support their children. As a whole, it involves working with the entire community to identify ways to improve the environment the children live in, and especially to improve child protection systems.

This zipped file consists of:

  • Cyclones 7.2 et 9.3
  • Drought and extreme heat 7.2 et 9.3
  • Earthquakes 7.2 et 9.3
  • Extreme cold and avalanches 7.2 et 9.3
  • Floods and landslides 7.2 et 9.3
  • Lightning 7.2 et 9.3
  • Tornadoes 7.2 et 9.3
  • Tsunamis 7.2 et 9.3
  • Volcanoes 7.2 et 9.3
  • Wildfires 7.2 et 9.3
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