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Psychological First Aid for Young Peers: A handbook

Learning about PFA as a young person unpacks what it means to be a compassionate friend and more! It strengthens your skills in being a good listener and in offering practical help to someone without making that person dependent. It increases your awareness about your own self-care too. And you get support as a PFA young peer so that you do not have to carry the task of helping someone alone.

There are two components to the package:

  • PFA for Young Peers: A handbook. This handbook introduces PFA to young people. It explains the key principles of LOOK, LISTEN, LINK in PFA and gives examples of how young people can use PFA to support their peers.
  • PFA for Young Peers: A training manual. This manual features a two-day training, with a suggested training programme and training notes, including links to other resources on PFA.


This handbook and the two-day training on PFA linked with it give you the skills and knowledge to help others who may be in distress or in difficulty. As a result, you will have the confidence to reach out and offer personal support to your friends or more formally as a volunteer in response to an incident where help is needed by a National Society or other community group.

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