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Psychological First Aid for Young Peers: A training manual

This Psychological First Aid (PFA) for Young Peers. A training manual is part of a package of materials which has been developed by the IFRC Reference Centre for Psychosocial Support (PS Centre). The materials introduce PFA to young people, outlining what PFA is and how it can be used to provide peer support in different contexts.

There are two components to the package:

  • PFA for Young Peers: A handbook. This handbook introduces PFA to young people. It explains the key principles of LOOK, LISTEN, LINK in PFA and gives examples of how young people can use PFA to support their peers.
  • PFA for Young Peers: A training manual. This manual features a two-day training, with a suggested training programme and training notes, including links to other resources on PFA.


The training in PFA for Young Peers can be delivered on its own or be included in a broader package of training and support to young people.

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