Package of psychoeducational materials for emergencies, consisting of a range of brochures and handouts in both a print-ready PDF file and a word file, which can be edited or translated as needed for a specific situation or context.

This zip file includes the following documents:

  • Faire face à la perte et à la dépression (PDF)
  • Le travail humanitaire (PDF)
  • PSSiE_Gérer le stress délégués_FR (WORD)
  • PSSiE_Info sheet on common reactions fr (WORD)
  • PSSiE_Info sheet Soutien des volontaires_FR (WORD)
  • PSSiE_Le stress des enfants fr (WORD)
  • PSSiE_Soutien psychosocial d’urgence ERU_FR (WORD)
  • PSSiE_stress and coping fr envoyé (WORD)
  • Soutien psychosocial d (PDF)