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Global Victim Assistance Conference - Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention

Carmen Valle-Trabadelo, Co-Chair IASC RG on MHPSS in Emergency Settings, will be attending the Third Global Conference on Assistance to the Victims of Anti-Personnel Mines and Other Explosive Ordnance in a Disability Rights Context.

Carmen will be speaking at and contributing to the outcomes of, the session entitled, The essential role of Mental Health and Psychological Support: 

MHPSS is one of the pillars of Victim Assistance. Action #38 of the Oslo Action Plan requires ensuring access to psychological and psychosocial support services including through peer-to-peer support programmes. With psychological/psychosocial support remaining underreported, experts will discuss good practices and better ways to address the psychological needs of mine victims, including through broader mental health frameworks and as an integral component in public health. The experts will present and highlight the use of various approaches and means in this regard, including peer to peer support, self-help groups, sports and leisure activities.

The Third Global Conference will take place from 17-19 October in Phnom Penh, hosted by The Kingdom of Cambodia, the Delegation of the European Union to Cambodia, and the Implementation Support Unit of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention.


Oct 17 - 19 2023


8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Phnom Penh


IFRC Psychosocial Centre
Hejrevej 30, st.
2400 Copenhagen NV

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