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Webinar: A Hopeful, Healthy & Happy Living & Learning Toolkit

Join us for a presentation of the Hopeful, Healthy & Happy Living & Learning Toolkit!, REPSSI, APPSI and the PS Centre will introduce as well as the three different manuals that forms the toolkit.

It is a well-documented fact that many children and youth struggle with feelings of loneliness, they are anxious and feel insecure, and need to build relational skills. The Hopeful, Healthy & Happy Living & Learning Toolkit that originally was developed during COVID-19 is just as relevant today as it has tools and tips that take caregivers, teachers and others working with children by the hand in how to build MHPSS skills. has a wealth of further tools, guides, manuals and other materials that can further support the emotional and developmental needs of children and youth.

During the webinar there will be a presentation of the content of the manuals with practical tasting samples of how they can be used in MHPSS of children, adolescents, caregivers as well as teachers, youth leaders and staff and volunteers in humanitarian organizations.

The Hopeful, Healthy & Happy Living & Learning Toolkit consists of three manuals:

A Parent-Caregiver Guide

The guide takes the reader on a worldwide tour meeting different types of families living in very different circumstances. The reader is given a helping hand through the challenges of care-giving. Topics as supporting children with special needs, practicing positive parenting styles and help solve conflicts are some of the key themes. The manual also covers remote learning and how to protect children when they are online. At the end there is a useful check list for household to monitor how they are doing on their psychosocial well-being and behaviours.

Activity Guide

The guide contains 44 well-described activities that cater to different age groups. They are divided into sections on self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making. Teachers, caregivers and adolescents can pick up the guide and can, with ease, lead participants through the different activities. Questions for closing with a group learning session is included in each activity to ensure participants will reflect on their experiences and will be guided to bring new skills and knowledge into their everyday life.

Guide for Teachers

The guide has 16 sensorial-based themes that teachers, sport coaches, staff and volunteers in organizations can run as a series of sessions on life skills in and out of school. They can also pick and choose relevant themes or stand-alone exercises as needed. Beginning with themes such as I know about feelings, I help others to themes such as I am hopeful and I can relax.

The webinar will be moderated by Marcio Gagliato and presented by Marcio Gagliato, Jonathan Morgan, Lynette and Ea Suzanne Akasha.

The manuals were developed in close cooperation between REPSSI, APPSI, IFRC PS Centre and

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IFRC Psychosocial Centre


Nov 15 2023


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM




IFRC Psychosocial Centre
Hejrevej 30, st.
2400 Copenhagen NV

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