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Psychological First Aid for Vaccine Hesitancy for COVID-19

The PS Centre has just released a new module in the Psychological First Aid in the COVID-19 Outbreak response training toolkit: Psychological First Aid for vaccine hesitancy for COVID-19. It is developed for people who have taken part in the basic training and have a foundational knowledge of Psychological First Aid and how it can be applied in the response to the COVID-19 crisis.

The Basic training in PFA for COVID19 outbreak response package is developed in response to the urgent need for training on how to support people in distress because of the COVID-19 outbreak. It can be used by trainers around the world. Run the interactive on-line training using the accompanying PowerPoints, and participant’s worksheet or record the training for participants to follow when it fits their schedule.

The training can be translated into any language and adapted to any context.

 We hope that this toolkit can assist Red Cross Red Crescent staff and volunteers to learn or deepen their psychological first aid skills to supportively respond to people who are vaccine hesitant to the COVID-19 vaccine.

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