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The PS Centre shares 2023 Annual Report

In 2023, the PS Centre responded to 2,504 requests for assistance from 137 countries including 1,416 requests from organizations within the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement. PS Centre staff and management participated in 50 international fora as host, facilitator, presenter, speaker or participant and had 36 academic collaborations with 10 universities and 59 organizations.

Video tutorial: Bring your MHPSS achievements to the 34th International Conference

Submit a progress report to the MHPSS resolution and promote your National Society’s work – watch the step-by-step video on how to submit the report. “We know from surveys and progress reports that Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies across the globe are delivering impressive results on the implementation of the MHPSS Resolution. However, it […]

IFRC Key Messages for Adolescents in four languages

Children need information that is carefully crafted to cater to their age group and preferences. Without these tailored materials, they might not understand or could misunderstand essential information that supports their protection and access to vital services.

World Red Cross Red Crescent Day: Whenever, Wherever, Whatever, However!

While there is no doubt humanity is alive and well in the hearts of the millions of RCRC representatives across the globe it is equally true that the challenges we face have never been more severe. RCRC staff and volunteers are providing support and assistance whenever needed, wherever needed, whatever the cause of the needs and however its possible to meet them – and the sad truth is these efforts are in high demand.

Report: Navigating the climate crisis: Mental health and well-being

This report covers a high-level overview of the climate-related mental health risks as identified by the consulted National Societies. Firstly, at risk population groups are highlighted and implications for the work of IFRC staff and volunteers are addressed. Secondly, examples of initiatives from National Societies are showcased to illustrate potential pathways to addressing the mental health and psychosocial challenges arising from the climate crisis.

Presenting Training Guide on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergencies

In this episode Communication Officer at the IFRC PS Centre, Villads Zahle interviews emergency expert and MHPSS technical advisor, Shona Whitton about the newly published Training Guide on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergencies. Shona outlines the potential of the new guide in the context of her professional experiences in emergencies and the mental health implications for exposed individuals and communities.

IMPACT STUDY: The role of Psychological First Aid in the IFRC Ukraine MHPSS response

In response to the exponentially growing need to provide Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) services to people displaced from Ukraine National Societies have been committed to integrating and implementing Psychological First Aid (PFA) within their Ukraine Response to provide Psychosocial support and to ensure displaced Ukrainians receive the adequate services.



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