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COVID-19 response publications in Arabic, French and Spanish

A substantial part of the COVID-19 response publications produced by the PS Centre have now been translated from English to Arabic, French and Spanish.

“We are glad to present key materials for National Societies in the official IFRC languages. As an IFRC reference centre we support all national societies and therefore it is important for us to also reach counties and regions where English is not the first language. Especially when responding to circumstances as serious as a global pandemic”, says Ea Suzanne Akasha, Technical Advisor at the IFRC PS Centre

The publications are:

Supportive supervision during COVID-19

Key actions on caring for volunteers in COVID-19: mental health and psychosocial considerations

Volunteering in response to COVID-19: spontaneous volunteers

Loss and grief during COVID-19

Monitoring and Evaluation for MHPSS in COVID-19

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