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Heartbeat of Humanity: Vaccine Hesitancy

In every country in the world, vaccine hesitancy is a phenomenon. However, it presents a little bit differently in different countries, particularly in what people are concerned about, what influences them, and what incentives or enabling environment might assist them to either be more positive or hesitant toward the vaccination.

In this episode of Heartbeat of Humanity, IFRC Psychosocial Centre Technical Advisor Eliza Cheung interviews Technical Advisor Melanie Powell about vaccine hesitancy – what is vaccine hesitancy and what should be the response.

Melanie Powell is the author of the training module Psychological First Aid for vaccine hesitancy for COVID-19, part of the training toolkit Psychological First Aid in the COVID-19 Outbreak response. The module is developed for people who have taken part in the basic training and have a foundational knowledge of Psychological First Aid and how it can be applied in the response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Learn more about the Psychological First Aid for Vaccine Hesitancy for COVID-19 training module.

Watch the video podcast of this Heartbeat of Humanity episode about vaccine hesitancy.

The podcast Heartbeat of Humanity is about mental health and psychosocial support.

The podcast is mainly for staff and volunteers in the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, especially staff and volunteers working in mental health and psychosocial support services.

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