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IFRC Key Messages for Adolescents in four languages

The IFRC Child Protection team has developed a format both in terms of design and language that delivers vital information to adolescents in a way they can decode and understand. The IFRC PS Centre co-developed and reviewed the messages on mental health and psychosocial support and we are happy this topic is included and proud to support this important undertaking. Adolescents are often being overlooked in emergency settings.

According to IFRC Child protection team, Children need information that is carefully crafted to cater to their age group and preferences. Without these tailored materials, they might not understand or could misunderstand essential information that supports their protection and access to vital services.

The child-friendly communication materials below aim to help children stay safe, find their own solutions, prevent family separation or restore family links, know how to act ahead of a disaster, react if they find it hard to cope, and seek support from someone wearing a Red Cross or Red Crescent, a trusted adult, or a local helpline.

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The material is available from the IFRC website in English, Ukrainian, French and Spanish 

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