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Men Don´t Cry - A Participatory Workshop on MHPSS for Men and Boys in Humanitarian Settings

The interest in mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) programming in emergencies and displacement has exponentially increased over the last years, acknowledging the importance of supporting the well-being of affected populations and preventing long term negative consequences. The focus of MHPSS programmes is frequently on groups traditionally considered more vulnerable, leading to under representation of men in many community-based services, as they are considered less vulnerable to emergency induced threats and frequently face cultural and attitudinal barriers preventing them from seeking help.

Acknowledging this gap, the Working Group on MHPSS for Men and Boys of the Global IASC Reference Group on MHPSS will host a participatory workshop on Tuesday 27 October at 2pm CET. The 90-minute workshop will be open to anyone who is interested in discussing the different needs of men and boys, and in exchanging best practices.

To register for the event, please follow this link.

The goal of this virtual participatory workshop is to bring together MHPSS experts who are working with men and boys affected by humanitarian crises and to start a dialogue on the unique needs, challenges, successes, gaps and lessons learned from working with this population.

The event will see the participation of Gary Barker (Promundo), Chris Dolan (Refugee Law Project), Natalia Hortiguela (IOM), Bassam Marshoud (Danish Red Cross), Warren Spielberg (psychologist, psychoanalyst, Fulbright Scholar and professor), and Gugliemo Schinina’ (IOM) covering a range of relevant topics to MHPSS needs and responses for men and boys in humanitarian settings.

Following these presentations, participants will join one of the discussions:

  1. Outreach and Inclusion of MHPSS for Men and Boys in Conflict Settings (Facilitated by Katie Mullins, JRS)
  2. Men, Boys, and Sexual and Gender Based Violence (Facilitated by Henny Slegh, Living Peace Institute )
  3. Men & Boys MHPSS Needs and Service Provision (Facilitated by Ken Miller, War Child Holland)

Note: Registration and attendance via Webex are free and open to all. The event can only be attended following registration and will not be available for online streaming afterwards. This event will be recorded.

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