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The Well-being Guide as activity cards

We came up with the idea of adapting the PS Centre Well-being Guide into smaller card formats so that they could easily fit into the pockets and rucksacks of community-level volunteers, NS staff and even delegates. This makes the cards readily accessible and thus serve as a useful memory aid to practically help staff and volunteers to actively conduct self-care exercises within their everyday life.

This deck of activity cards contains 25 simple, short, and practical self-care exercises where gear or special equipment isn’t required. The exercises can be used by Red Cross Red Crescent staff and volunteers – and other MHPSS practitioners – on their own initiative for self-care, as part of caring for staff and volunteer sessions, as energizers during workshops, or amongst delegates deployed as part of emergency surge operations. The exercises have simple instructions and can be done in most settings. The cards came into being based on the PS Centre Well-being Guide; Reduce Stress, Recharge and Build Resilience, However, a booklet cannot be disseminated as easily as cards, so to reach more National Societies and remote areas, the PS Centre turned the Guide into a deck of activity cards.

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