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Support and safe corners for Palestinian children

Amid ongoing violence and unrest in the occupied territories, the Palestinian Red Crescent (PRCS) staff and volunteers are providing safety and support for children.  

Traditional games and songs - psychological support rooted in heritage

PRCS volunteers are creating a moment of safety for Palestinian children from communities in the Jordan Valley. The “Corners Programme” is a child friendly space where volunteers provide mental health and psychosocial support, teach life skills and conduct a variety of recreational activities with children.

With very limited tools like balloons, stones and rope the volunteers are creating a little safe haven for these children. And opening a door into the past - a heritage of traditional Palestinian games and songs.

PRCS teams use the traditional games as part of the psychological support. Thanks to their collective and interactive nature, these games contribute to building social bonds and enhancing a sense of belonging. Through social interaction and cooperation children develop communication and teamwork skills. At the same time traditional songs carry emotional and cultural components that help express shared feelings and experiences, creating a sense of emotional connection between community members. These songs reflect the experiences of daily life and the values of communities and provide an outlet for the expression of joy and sadness, contributing to psychological and emotional balance.

Distribution of psychosocial kits to children exposed to violence

PRCS has distributed more than 7000 psychosocial kits to children living in areas affected by the escalation of violence and another thousand are underway. The kits have been distributed in refugee camps and areas affected by violence across the occupied territories.

Most of the children in these areas have seen at least one family member killed or detained and have been exposed to trauma and stress because of the violence they are witnessing or experiencing.

The kits contain educational games that aim to help children to focus on something different, to spend an enjoyable time and to keep them away from the daily dramatic events. The PSS kits also contain child friendly activity cards from the IFRC PS Centre.

The activity cards are designed for children who have limited access to school and recreational programming. All of the activities can be done individually or with a small group of two to three children at home or in any suitable places.

Distribution of psychosocial kits
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