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Upcoming Workshops: Supervision The Missing Link

Supervision: The Missing Link
Call for Nominations: Supervision Workshops

We are currently seeking nominations for two upcoming virtual workshops on supervision within MHPSS.

IFRC Psychosocial Center, in collaboration with Trinity College Dublin, will be hosting two virtual workshops for Supervision: The Missing Link. The purpose of these workshops is to bring together MHPSS practitioners across sectors who are providing supervision, receiving supervision, or not currently receiving supervision to inform an Integrated Model for Supervision (IMS). The IMS will provide guidance for supervision of staff and volunteers implementing MHPSS and protection interventions in emergencies as well as guidance across different agencies. Ultimately, the aim is to improve MHPSS service delivery through strengthened supervision. The workshops are essential to the development of the IMS, as input from potential users is crucial. During the workshops, participants will engage in activities and discussions to better understand the opportunities and challenges for supervision in the field.

Profile of nominees: Supervisors, supervisees, those not receiving supervision currently providing MHPSS (across sectors). The workshops will be conducted in English, so it will be necessary for nominees to have advanced level of written and spoken English.

Workshop One: October 7, 2020

Workshop Two: October 14, 2020

If selected, participants should expect to attend a full day virtual workshop.

If this initiative is something that your organization is interested in taking part in, please invite eligible staff to complete the nomination form.

Please complete the form no later than 15 September 2020.

For inquiries, please contact Kelly McBride at



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