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Winner Announced for Our Photo Competition!

Credit: Emiliano Albensi / Italian Red Cross.

Mediterranean Sea in front of Palermo harbour (Sicily, Italy), 29.04.2020. During the quarantine period, the operators of the Italian Red Cross assured food, clothes, hygiene kits, psychological support and for the Restoring Family Links, legal information. In this picture, an operator of the Italian Red Cross is providing legal information and psychologic support to a migrant and unaccompanied minor.

Congratulations to Emiliano Albensi from the Italian Red Cross for winning our photo competition!

Emiliano’s winning photo is one of many images taken in April 2020, that captured the Italian Red Cross supporting rescued migrants in quarantine aboard the Rubattino Ferry boat, off the coast of Palermo. The Red Cross team worked alongside the Italian authorities in providing the migrants with legal information, health and mental health support, and the distribution of hygiene kits, masks and food.

There was a team of 26 Italian Red Cross members, 40 people from the Tirrenia crew and 183 migrants who had been rescued by humanitarian ships. The migrants were waiting to pass through the Italian ports that were blocked off due to COVID-19. These migrants had to therefore quarantine on this boat, not knowing if they would be able to stay in Italy or if they would be transferred to another country. Meanwhile, the Italian Red Cross team organized psychosocial support sessions and meetings to provide information about the procedures for the right to asylum and family reunification.The contestants of this photo competition have submitted fantastic photos that captivate the various MHPSS activities happening throughout the world. From mural painting in Mallorca, to education about stress management under lockdown in Salvador, and the celebration of Thaipusam in Malaysia – just to name a few – we are so grateful for every National Society members who participated in this competition and shared their MHPSS experiences. Viewing these photo submissions has been another reminder that there is no health without mental health, and implementing MHPSS interventions throughout the world is now more important than ever.

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