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Remote PM+ Training of Helpers: Training & Lessons Learned Report

The IFRC PS Centre is experienced in the training, supervision, cultural adaptation and implementation of PM+ and other scalable psychological interventions across different settings (e.g., Turkey, Jordan, Germany, Lebanon, Colombia).

Based on a request from the New School in New York, the IFRC PS Centre adapted PM+ Training of Helpers to be delivered remotely to participants selected by the New School in New York in consultation with IFRC in its first training (Cohort 1), and participants selected by SOS Italy in consultation with IFRC (Cohort 2). Each Cohort has pre-identified on-the-ground supervisors. Supervision of practice cases provided by IFRC began immediately after the completion of training Cohort 1. Each training will thoroughly document lessons learned to help build best practices for remote PM+ Training of Helpers.

The lessons learned in this report are based on findings from Cohort and will be updated as client outcomes are analyzed.
The Remote Training of Helpers in PM+ had the following main learning objectives:

• Participants learn to competently deliver PM+ intervention to persons affected by adversity.
• Participants will learn about common mental health problems (depression, anxiety, stress)
• Participants will learn how to deliver PM+ assessments
• Participants will learn basic helping skills
• Participants will learn who should be included or excluded from PM+
• Participants will explore ways of implementing PM+ in their own context as well as online effectively
• Participants will learn how to engage in supervision and provide feedback to others in a meaningful way

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