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Coping with Crisis, 2014: Issue 1

Issue 1-2014 of our magazine deals with issues of violence, focusing on psychosocial support for those affected by the on-going conflict in Central African Republic, and following typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, as well as gender-based violence. The magazine also highlights the mental health gap and what is being done to improve it, as well as discussing psychosocial support in the midst of the Ebola outbreak.

  • Typhoon Haiyan – Responding to violence in times of disaster: Amélie Doyon, Gurvinder Singh, ERU Violence Prevention delegates, Gwendolen Eamer, Canadian Red Cross
  • Disaster-prepared in the Philippines: Louise Juul Hansen
  • Violence in Central African Republic: Simone von Burgwald
  • Ebola virus in West Africa: Simone von Burgwald
  • A psychosocial delegate’s reflections: Olivier Nyssens
  • Gender-based violence: Barbara Niklas
  • Bridging the mental health gap: Mark van Ommeren, Emmanuel Streel, Rasha Rahman, WHO
  • Mental disorder in Burkina Faso: Cecilie Alessandri, Keiko Cornale, French Red Cross
  • YABC – Youth as Agents of Behavioural Change in Palestine, Muhanned Saleem, Mahdi Al-Jamal, Nelima Lassen, Kleio Iakovidi
  • Results of YABC global impact study: Katrien Beckmann, Charlotte Tocchio
  • Blogging about staff care, Gordy Dodge
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