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IASC mission report Venezuela

Carmen Valle-Trabadelo, IFRC PS Centre Co-Chair of the IASC MHPSS Reference Group and Barbara Levin, IFRC PS Centre Coordination and Communication Officer, travelled to Venezuela from February to March 2023 with the objective to assess the progress of the country’s Technical Working Group (TWG), review its 2023 workplan, identify the current needs and challenges, and provide technical support for capacity building. This mission included a field visit to the state of Táchira, bordering Colombia, which continues to be heavily impacted by the migration crisis. Venezuela is facing a prolonged crisis, with deep economic, social and political unrest that significantly impacts the health, social and other care systems, resulting in significant shortages in public services and increasing difficulties in access to food. Though the MHPSS needs continuously rise, the capacity to meet such demands remains insufficient.

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