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Have you ever had a sore neck?

When your muscles ache and strain it is time for a quick release.

This exercise only takes a few minutes:

  • Stand or sit straight. Your head rests on top of your spine allowing it to float as gently as a bubble in a spirit level.
  • Fold your hands in front of you along the back of your hands and intertwining your fingers.
  • The fingertips and palms are now visible, and the fingertips can touch each other.
  • Lift your hands and arms to the back of your head and let the fingertips rest on each side of your neck with the thumbs resting on the base of the neck.
  • Gently squeeze the muscles by pressing you fingertips towards each other – then release.
  • Continue in rhythmic movements up and down your neck. Do approx. 18 to 24 squeezes per minute.
  • Move your arms down to your side when finished and notice how your neck feels now.
  • Repeat the exercise again if you want more of a neck release.

Funded by #EU4Health

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