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Tennis ball group meditation

The group stands in a close circle with each group member holding a tennis ball in the palm of the right hand to the right side of the body. The facilitator explains and demonstrates with slow movements the exercise:

Step 1: Place the ball in the open palm of the left hand in front of your body.

Step 2: Move the right hand back to the right side to receive a ball from the person standing next to them to the right, and at the same time, move the left hand to the left side placing the ball in the open palm of the person standing next to them.

Turn the direction of the circle passing the balls the other way around. Repeat the instructions and go at a slow speed at first. The group, as a whole, must find a speed and rhythm that enables everyone to feel comfortable. Everyone will have to keep an eye out for everyone else and cannot focus on their own dexterity only. Once the movements are in place, the speed and rhythm of the movements will synchronize, group members feel greater harmony, and the repetitive movements have a meditative impact.

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