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Roadmap tools

Checklist: MHPSS Movement Collaboration

Download a two-page checklist that summarizes the most important points which need to be considered when starting a collaboration in the area of MHPSS with other Movement components.

Lessons-learned report for MHPSS Movement collaboration

This report serves as a guidance tool for the Movement partners to enhance teamwork and coordination at country/operational level. The lessons presented in the report are the result of a collaborative effort by National Societies actively engaged in a working group dedicated to support the implementation of priority action area 2 of the MHPSS Roadmap.

Generic template: MHPSS Partnership Document

A template document that can come in handy when starting a partnership collaboration in the area of MHPSS. Download and adapt it to your context. Accessible for all Movement components.

Generic template: MHPSS Project Document

A template document which can come in handy when starting a MHPSS project. Download and adapt it to your context. Accessible for all Movement components.

Guidance document: Integrate MHPSS

A step-by-step guide giving guidance on how to communicate with stakeholders on integrating MHPSS.

Guidance document: MHPSS key messages for high-level advocacy

MHPSS Key Messages to enhance MHPSS advocacy and to guide Movement entities in their encounters and collaborations with external high-level partners.

MHPSS Evidence-Building Toolkit

The MHPSS Evidence-Building Toolkit is a collection of tools and resources designed and collected by Rebecca Horn, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Specialist, that can be used to overcome the common barriers and challenges to building MHPSS evidence. The MHPSS Evidence Building Toolkit comprises of a short summary detailing the different tools and resources and what they can be used for and how to access these. Alongside this is the repository which includes the resources and tools listed in the toolkit.

Promoting MHPSS evidence building package

Working Group 4 Demonstrating the Impact of MHPSS commissioned Rebecca Horn Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Specialist to identify what are the MHPSS evidence-building activities taking place within the Movement,  and what are common barriers and challenges as well as factors supporting evidence-building activities. The report, annexes, presentation, and summary, details these findings and how this can be used by different actors to promote MHPSS evidence-building activities. In addition, an MHPSS Evidence-Building Toolkit and Repository have been published alongside the findings and includes an array of tools and resources to overcome common barriers and challenges.

Key MHPSS Messages for Four Key Areas

Key MHPSS Messages for Four Key Areas (Disaster and Emergency Management, First Aid, Protecting/Restoring Family Links and Protection, Gender and Inclusion).

This is a dynamic document often being updated by many, hence kindly note the title of the document includes the date that it was most recently edited.

Mapping of basic PSS training courses

Assessment Monitoring Tools and Preparedness Plan for MHPSS

Resources which Challenge Mental Health Stigma