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Roadmap, policy and resolution

Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement Policy and International Conference resolution on addressing mental health and psychosocial needs

Here you can find resources assisting the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement in the implementation of the Roadmap, Resolution and Policy on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support.

Reference documents
Roadmap tools

National Societies, IFRC and ICRC are strengthening the Movements’ commitment to the implementation of the MHPSS policy and resolution. through five Priority Action areas focusing on:

  1. achieving a basic level of MHPSS across sectors,
  2. reinforcing the Movement’s MHPSS collaboration,
  3. promoting the MHPSS support of staff and volunteer,
  4. demonstrating the impact of MHPSS interventions
  5. strengthening the advocacy for mental health and resource mobilization.

Currently 3 Working Groups are active, co-lead by a National Society, the IFRC and the ICRC. The Working Groups are keen to expand the groups within the Red Cross and Red Crescent components, continue to ensure diversity across regions and call for new RC/RC National Societies to join up until the end of the project end of 2024.

For more information about the MHPSS Policy, Resolution, Roadmap and working groups, please contact Project Coordinator, Nathalie H. Rigall,