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How To Use The Movement Policy And Resolution On Addressing Mental Health And Psychosocial Needs

Facilitator: Vera Carlbaum-Wrennmark (IFRC Youth Commission)

Chat moderation: Sarah Harrison (Co-Chair IASC MHPSS Reference Group and Technical Advisor IFRC Reference Centre for Psychosocial Support)

Panellists include technical experts from National Societies, IFRC and ICRC

Methodology: Interactive (panel presentation, chat, discussion)

Cultural Adaptation and MHPSS

The webinar highlights the importance of cultural adaptation of tools and methods when measuring the impact of our services. From the case studies of Afghanistan and South Africa, we impressively learn why contextually appropriate responses to mental health issues and needs and cultural considerations of local idioms and proverbs of distress, grief, or anxiety are essential.

MHPSS Assessments

Tune in for a webinar addressing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of Mental Health & Psychosocial Support. Through presentations by Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies from Portugal and Yemen, we explore challenges and best practices related to conducting assessments.

Monitoring & Evaluation of MHPSS

The webinar gives a short introduction to MHPSS-specific monitoring and evaluation (M&E). Two cases exemplify good practices in regard to the M&E of MHPSS interventions thereby showing why M&E is important. The first ‘best practice’ case study deals with measuring the effect of the “Help the Helpers intervention”, presented by Elie Sarkis, ICRC Lebanon office. Afterward, Safi Taye, Australia Red Cross, explains how to operationalize the “Emergency Service Monitoring and Evaluation Framework” with examples of national emergency responses.

This webinar is from 30th of March, 2023.

MHPSS Research

Challenges and considerations in conducting research on MHPSS in emergencies within the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement is the topic of the last webinar of the series. The presenters Hamed Seddighi, Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Groningen, and Kinan Aldamman, Regional Staff Psychosocial Support Coordinator for Asia-Pacific, ICRC, will discuss the cultural, social, and political aspects of MHPSS research, as well as explore strategies for effective collaboration with other actors in emergency contexts.

(Disclaimer: Due to technical difficulties, the webinar recordings in Spanish and French are not available.)

This webinar is from 27th of April, 2023.

Creating Access to Mental Health & Psychosocial Support across the Continuum of Care

The Red Cross Red Crescent Movement addresses MHPSS needs of individuals, families, and communities through joint collaboration and coordination. A working group collected in the past year lessons learned on how to strengthen collaboration and thereby increase the quality and access to services. In the webinar, these good practices were shared as well as two National Societies, the Iraqi RCS and Ukraine RC, presented their work in how they improved access to services across the Movement’s MHPSS framework highlighting the role partnerships and coordination on country level.

This webinar is from the 18th of September 2023.