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Africa CDC Mental Health Leadership Programme

Carmen Valle-Trabadelo, PS Centre Technical Advisor will be attending the Africa CDC Mental Health Leadership Programme (Amhlp) Planning Workshop, which aims at strengthening health systems in relation to the promotion of mental health by i) Strengthening the public health workforce and ii) Contributing towards a critical mass for advocacy within Member State health systems for stronger prioritisation and investment.

The AMHLP will have four pillars which are:

1.    Support the integration of Mental health into the existing Africa CDC Kofi Annan Global Health Leadership Programme

2.    Establish an African Field Epidemiology Training Programme (FETP) in Global Mental Health.

3.    Implement the Short Public Mental Health Leadership Courses

4.    Strengthen the Networking and Civil Society Engagement

The workshop involves key stakeholders from all programme components, and key collaborators, is convened to ensure that the programme priority areas are aligned in operation and closely coordinated with the Africa CDC strategy’s implementation for mental health.  An important output of this workshop will be the review and adaptation of the curriculum for the different training programmes.

Carmen’s presence is targeted to the integration of MHPSS preparedness and response in the activities of the AMHLP.


Mar 11 - 15 2024


All Day


Kampala, Uganda
Kampala, Uganda


IFRC Psychosocial Centre
Hejrevej 30, st.
2400 Copenhagen NV

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