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New book: Moving Together

MOVING TOGETHER: Promoting psychosocial well-being through sport and physical activity is a handbook for experts and practitioners in sociology, psychology, social work, sport and physical education to enable them to deliver psychosocial support programmes in crisis situations. Well-designed sport activities offer a safe and friendly space for expressing and addressing problems and fears and help participants gain confidence, resilience, coping skills and hope.

Different types of sport and physical activities are popular all over the world and can be a powerful tool for social inclusion, creating a strong sense of community and togetherness. This is particularly important in times of hardship, whether due to economic crisis, poverty, natural disaster, conflict or health crisis. The handbook explains the theoretical framework for sport and physical activities in psychosocial support interventions, and how to implement them from assessment to exit strategy. It includes activity cards that can be adapted to suit different situations.

For now the book is only available in English but French, German and Danish translations are underway and will be added to the book's website. Hard copies are available from the PS Centre. Please write to to order a copy. We send one copy free of charge. If you want multiple copies, we kindly ask you to pay the shipping costs.

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