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Training: Psychosocial support in emergencies

Psychosocial support in emergencies – four days advanced training

Humanitarian actors recognize that natural disasters, armed conflicts, epidemic outbreaks and acts of terror cause significant psychological and social suffering to affected populations. The psychological and social impacts of emergencies may be acute in the short term and can undermine the long-term mental health and psychosocial (PS) well-being of the affected population, threaten peace, human rights and development.

The IFRC Reference Centre for Psychosocial Support (PS Centre) wishes to address these needs by building the capacity of Red Cross Red Crescent emergency responders working within the PS field and raising awareness among staff and volunteers about the benefits of providing psychosocial support (PSS) as part of emergency response.

A four-day advanced training in psychosocial support in emergencies (PSSiE) will be conducted by the PS Centre for IFRC and National Society staff with prior knowledge and experience in PSSiE.

Where and when?

The training will take place at the Danish Red Cross headquarters in Copenhagen on 25 to 28 November 2014 (the training will start at 09:00 on 25 November and will end in the afternoon of 28 November).

Please note that the deadline for registration is very short: the online registration form must be completed before 13 October 2014.


The target group of the training is Red Cross Red Crescent staff and PS delegates, sponsored by their National Societies, with prior knowledge about PSSiE contexts. A comprehensive list of participant selection criteria can be viewed further below.

Regrettably, it will not be possible for non-Red Cross Red Crescent staff to participate in the training due to limited resources.

Costs related to the training

Flights, in-country transportation, accommodation, additional meals and per diem are to be covered by the participant’s National Society. Participants are responsible for booking their own flights and accommodation; the PS Centre will provide the participant with a list of suggested hotels in various price ranges.

Click here for more information about the training, participant selection criteria and required reading.

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