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Relaxing your shoulders and neck

When persons are stressed or feeling nervous, their shoulders automatically lift, which tenses their neck. Tensions in the shoulders and neck easily lead to tension-based headaches. Daily stretches of the muscles can minimize these headaches and prevent the nervous system from increasing tensions throughout the body. This exercise aims to release any built-up tension in the neck and shoulders.

Sit or stand up straight and imagine a balloon being tied to the top of your head and lifting it upwards. Slightly pull in your chin. Imagine your forehead slowly becomes heavier, pulling your forehead forward and down until your chin rests on your chest. Release the shoulders with a sigh. Let your head rest here while keeping your shoulders down. Feel the stretch.

Next, slowly roll the head to one side. If sitting, look down at your hip of the same side. If standing, look to the outside of your foot on the same side. Notice the stretch. Roll your head to the other side and repeat the stretch.

Finally, roll your head back to the center. Slowly, moving your chin up along the front of your neck, lift the head to a balanced position. Repeat this exercise when needed and twice a day to prevent neck tension induced headaches.

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